Actions Salvationists Can Take as They Fight for Racial Justice

Resources compiled and updated by the Social Justice Resource Center, US Southern Territory.  For additional resources, follow on Facebook @doingsocialjustice and send contributions to the SJRC Director, Terri Neville at


As Salvationists, we can and should do as many of the things on this resource listing that are contextually possible.


  1. PRAY: For peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, wisdom, courage, strength, grace, and love. We pray for God’s leadership in our lives and for His wisdom and courage as we welcome difficult conversations with reconciliation as our goal.  May His kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. (Matthew 6:9, Luke 11:2)
  2. MEDITATE on Scripture: (Genesis 1:26-27; Micah 6:8; Psalm 103:6; Isaiah 1:17; John 3:16-17; Galatians 3:28; Revelation 7:9)
  3. WORSHIP: Invite the Holy Spirit in with liturgy, scripture reading, and music. Replace our sadness with “garments of praise” (Isaiah 61:3). “This is the fast I am after, to break the chains of Injustice” (Isaiah 58).  

Urban Doxology

Father Let Your Kingdom Come

  1. EDUCATE YOURSELF: Read, Listen, Watch (see additional resource sections)
  2. BE INCARNATIONAL.  Get involved in ministry opportunities that invest in urban neighborhoods and diverse sections of your community. 
  3. LOOK WITHIN.  Be willing to let God, through the Holy Spirit, reveal sinful thoughts, beliefs and actions in your own heart.
    Dr. Dan Boone: 
    Christian Choices for a Son of the South
  4. LISTEN AND LEARN. Take this moment to really listen, to seek out perspectives that are different from your own and pay attention to voices you might be missing. Hear the journey and experience of Christian Black Men and Women which may include:
  1. RESEARCH.  Know and write to your elected Officials . Where do they stand on justice reform, law enforcement training and accountability, equal access to health care, education, economic and environmental justice etc.?
  2. ALIGN WITH OTHER SPIRITUAL LEADERS.  Come Shoulder to Shoulder with clergy and congregations in your community and neighboring communities.
  3. SUPPORT REFORM.  Come Shoulder to Shoulder with Law Enforcement Officers in your context and lend your support for equitable reforms.
  4. SHOW GRACE.  Be Sensible and Sensitive to your brothers and sisters in Christ.
  5. REINFORCE OUR STANDARDS.  Diversify and enforce inclusiveness in groups of which you are a leader.
  6. SPEAK OUT.  Participate in School and Local Board meetings for the purpose of upholding our Kingdom values and Biblical principles of equity and justice.
  7. JOIN THE CONVERSATION.  Follow #FightRacism on Twitter or other social media sites to find posts on efforts to fight racism.  Post your own.
  8. BE ACCOUNTABLE.  Join a local Christian group fighting racism.
  1. THINK GLOBALLY.  United Nations – More than Meets the Eye:  Let’s Fight Racism! What can YOU do to fight racism?
  2. BE HELPFUL.  Seek African American Mental Health Professionals that are trauma informed and racially literate
  3. SUPPORT. Support black-owned businesses in your local community and online!
  1. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COURSE on EQUITY:  The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and Thought Industries is offering a free (for 30 days) online course called “The Equity Journey”. The purpose is to explore the meaning of equity, to test the learners understanding of privilege and how it impacts access, and to help nonprofit leaders advance organizational and community equity. I started the course this morning and I would HIGHLY recommend it, especially for those in positions of leadership.

           Open Course      

Biblical Social Justice

Additional Resources

Watch – Additional Racial Justice Resources

WATCH: or host a film screening of these possible movies:  When They See Us (available on Netflix)  Just Mercy (available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu and iTunes)   Selma (available on Google Play, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vudu and iTunes)   If Beale...

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